Protection of Acronyms under Trademark Law

Dec 2022

It is known that acronyms are the first letters of a long phrase of words combined together. On the other hand, trademark is about a mark that shall help distinguish the product or service of goods or service from the rest of the items. Therefore, it can be said that an acronym can be registered under trademarked law. Is it possible to get automatic registration over the acronym or it is required to register it separately? To solve these queries and other relating ones, the following part of the article shall help you greatly.

What is the nature of acronyms?

The acronym is about function, feature or intention of the service that the brand caters to and it is not entitled for registration under trademark law. However, a mark with an acronym will be synonymous if case of the following:

  • Any word is descriptive of service of the applicant
  • The mark you use is an acronym of some other specific word
  • Some consumer consider the acronym relevant to some descriptive word pertaining to the service that the brand caters to
  • Therefore, it can be said that acronym should at least be descriptively suggest the trademark protection for the brand.

What is the scope of protection for the acronym?

The acronyms are not given automatic protection under trademark laws. To be eligible for the acronym protection, it should be applied by means of separate file application and this should be done after trademark registration. If you are applying it the first time, it is better to take assistance from an experienced attorney who can guide you for hassle free registration of the acronym in the trademark. Make sure that the acronym you choose should not be a generic one or it is not that easy to be identified by customers as synonymous for other service or products existing in the market. The trademark should have distinctive definition which is different from any generic description. If only these conditions are met, the trademark law will be recognized as a form of the registered trademark. Whatever acronym is used, it should be relevant to the service that the business caters to.

It should be understood that registration of trademark is not about registration of acronym. Only after the acronym has been properly reviewed for any duplicity and others, it will be eligible for registration along with trademark of the company. It should be related to the service of the company and you need to check for its existence from the trademark database. Check for similarities of sound, meaning and appearance of the trademark of the service.

Wrapping it up

Before the court rejects the claim for acronym registration along with trademark, it is better to choose the correct one that will be eligible for registration. The descriptive words are not allowed as these are common in nature and already used by others. So, the main objective is to pick a unique trademark along with acronym that shall help to describe the service of the company properly.

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