Copyright in the Digital World

Dec 2022

These days, there is an increased use of smartphones, computers and tablets and multimedia has shown its great influence in our lives. In the digital world, there are several works used by us. Have you thought whose work are we using? Well, none of us have tried to find out the owner of the work we are accessing online. It is known that there are various streams of multimedia such as photos, videos, memes, websites and others. These should be brought under copyright protection law.

Owing to this, it is seen that copyright laws may be a bit tricky in case of multimedia as there can be compilation of different tasks. Under the copyright protection law, there is no such definition or declaration of act for any compiled work. Consumers often want to get access to the use of new technologies and before they start using the service, it is better to know about its copyright laws and rules.

How copyright issues are handled for internet matters?

Internet is known to be one of the biggest online threats for copyright problems. The information on internet has varied degree of copyright problems and it includes copyright of stories, images, graphics, news, e-books and the like options. As there is plethora of information sources online, it seems to be challenging to determine every work has its copyright protection. Any information on the internet cannot be copied unless its owner has surrendered the work, the copyright protection has expired, or government has made the information available for common access.

What are the infringement problems in cyberspace?

  • Derivative work items

    When there is more than one program which is clubbed t make a derivative work, it results in violation of copyright problems. If you are using one derivative work, try to know about its copyright before you start using it.

  • Hot-linking

    In this, an image is linked to another website having related information pertaining to the image. This is known as hot-linking who tends to violate the rules of copyright problems.

  • Download and upload of files

    There is a massive amount of downloading a file on internet onto an users’ computer. This may have some copyright problems which is rarely checked. There should be some restriction on the download of the file failing which the user may not be able to download the file.

  • Multimedia work

    This is a vast concept including different categories of work that needs to be copyrighted. Some multimedia work like artistic, literary, cinematography, sound recording and the like options are maintained under suitable copyright protection laws. There are different copyright rules for an owners’ work in case of multimedia. One should know about it properly before they wish to get access to the multimedia work.

  • Audio or video files

    If you are copy a video or audio file which is involved in file sharing method, it is considered as violation of the copyright issues. One should be careful when downloading a video or audio file.

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Copyright in the Digital World
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