Fluid Trademarks

Dec 2022

Fluid mark is often thought of as a conventional mark which can be converted to a living form with some specific representation. In other words, fluid trademark is a modern method of branding that shall help achieve success easily in this digital era. As per the name, the mark tends to change with time. This concept enables the consumers to create a long-term connection with the mark. At the same time, it helps the mark to remain consistent with the changing nature of latest IT industry. It helps understand differed facets of branding and help to reach out to audience at large at ease.

Things to know about registration of fluids trademark

Trademarks are signs of endless and continuity of brand and help consumer group identifies it amidst the rest in the market. As per nature of this trademark, it is not always the priority of owner to opt for its registration. It is meant to represent the brand and help it stand out from the rest. However, the companies try to retain the appeal of the target group and it requires choosing a correct fluid trademark for the brand. To stay in trend of the mark, using this mark would be a suitable option. Let us take a glance at some risks that may crop up relating to fluid trademarks.

If planning to re-invent a brand, it is better to know about the risks in adopting the trademark. The fluid trademark has the benefit of modernizing the brand, yet maintaining its relevance in the market; it has the chance to create confusion among the rest in the market. In case of extreme modification or change in format make the trademark move away from its original vision and thus, losing its basic identity of representing the brand. Some other risks relating to fluid trademark are as follows:

Underlying mark gets diluted

If the fluid trademark creates confusion among the public, it dilutes the representation of the trademark. Since the identifying elements fade away over time, the additions are no longer visible. Along with this, original mark gets diluted and thus, unable to create suitable brand association with target group.

Creates confusion among others

As this type of trademark evolves with time, they take time to adapt to the environment and maintain its relevance in the market. When the brand undergoes transformation too often, the target group of consumers may not be able to identify the item as relevant to the brand. Thereby, it creates confusion with the source mark.

Third-party variation of the mark

The marks have interactive nature and due to this, there can be problems of unauthorized use of the mark. This creates confusion about the use of mark and it gives rise to cases of fraudulence. People can check the variation of the mark available before they settle down for one of them. Therefore, to make the best use of the trend, it is better to use the correct fluid trademark through its correct adoption, use, registration and its enforcement.

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