US and India to join hands on the grounds of Intellectual Property Rights

Dec 2022

After US President Donald Trump’s visit in India from February 24 to 25th February, India and the US have opted for an agreement relating to intellectual property rights or IPR. As a result of this, the cabinet sanctioned MoU with the US pertaining to IPRs, relevant to information and broadcasting as has been stated by Minister Prakash Javadekar.

Officials are of the opinion that the agreement is a knowledge-sharing one that will enhance the functioning of the IPR system between the two parties involved in the agreement. The pack has been triggered due to the fact that India has dropped to 40th position in US Chamber’s International IP Index. In addition to this, the country is still in the US’s priority list. Due to this, there are some trade barriers with US companies on account of IP laws of other countries.

Putting beside the trade barriers, it requires the smooth and active cooperation of the US and India, which can improve the flow of IPR systems. Similar MoU has also been conducted with other countries. However, considering India and the US, the agreement is important as has been stated by a senior official. However, the agreement took place after the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade decided to review IPR laws.

Another official stated that the MoU is a type of learning exercise. The time of the agreement is decided across the whole IPR program that includes the copyrights and patent issues without being specific to any of the sectors. The official further added that it does not require any law. Along with this, it will have training sessions in which concerned officials have to travel to each of the countries to study the condition of its IPR system.

The MoU has no connection with a legal commitment by the country as has been stated by experts, India needs to be careful as the US is trying to push India to withdraw Section 3 (d) of Indian Patents Act. The patent is relating to items that have little to no difference compared to its older version. It is also obstructed in case of compulsory license that involves the manufactured copies of the drugs that will help address problems of emergency. This is done as per has been stated in the trade rules.

Last year, the US was of the opinion that India does not have an effective system that can look after the unfair practices of commercial items. Also, it cannot protect any unauthorized disclosure or data or generate data as a means of better marketing strategies for the agricultural and pharma based items.

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