Need for Kashmiri Saffron to get the GI tag

Dec 2022

The Kashmiri Saffron has been given geographical indication tag recently from Lieutenant Governor G C Murmu. The acquiring of GI tag is a step ahead in bringing the brand among the list of top ones. The tag has been given for the saffron grown in Kashmir.

In this regard, it can be said that the saffron hub of Kashmir, Pampore will yield quality crops of the spices the coming season and this has been due to initiative taken by National Mission on Saffron.

By the GI tag, it shall prevent the adulteration of saffron use in the state and it can be added that quality saffron item will fetch in better price in future market. Kashmir saffron is unique in that it is grown at a great height of 1600 meters and its characteristics set it apart from the rest. The deep color, strong aroma, flavor and method of processing are the best to invest for over other rest available.

The GI tag has been worthy given the fact that more hectares of land will be given for better saffron cultivation to get quality yield in the years to come. To boost the bumper production, the tag shall help to take the spice a long way and prevent any unauthorized use.

By recent development along with the GI tag shall take saffron among the top rated spices in global map. Also, the tag shall help to acquire prominence in the export market making it beneficial for farmers to get better price for the production. Therefore, the measures will surely prove to be a game changer for the spice department of the state.

The certification ascertains suitable geographical origin and ability to retain the actual quality of the product. The certification has been announced by administration of state for better growth of the spice in the state. The cultivation reports show deterioration in the percentage from 5707 hectares to 3715 hectares which is a great loss for saffron spice market. However, the saffron of Kashmir is facing stiff competition from other places like Iran as the latter has successful gained prominence in the world market. Therefore, the tag is sure to boost the level of saffron in world map.

The farmers are sure to benefit as they can expect better production and market from the coming season of saffron cultivation. Saffron is a traditional cuisine of the state that indicates cultural importance of the state. It is one of the costliest spice options that are carefully cultivated for better production. The saffron is cultivated in the Karewa or the highland region of Jammu and Kashmir. It gets the deep color from crocin and flavor from safranal with a little of bitterness from picrocrocin.

Wrapping it up

As Iran is known to be largest competitor of saffron, India can be its close competitor with its high quality and GI tag. Therefore, the state should take special measures in improving the cultivation of saffron.

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